Reinforcement Materials

Reinforcement maetrials can be used with plaster, concrete or other materials to increase the tensile strength of these materials.

Reinforcement Materials

Coarse Jute /rol 50m Coarse Jute, 5 oz on a roll 100 cm wide. Per roll 50 meter. 94,95 EUR (Price exclusive 21% VAT)

Very Coarse Jute /1m2 Very coarse jute, 90 cm wide, price per 100 x 100 cmper piece. 0,90 EUR (Price exclusive 21% VAT)

Chopped-Strands AR /1kg Alkiline resistant chopped-strands 12 mm, for use in cement mortar. Bag 1 kg. 12,60 EUR (Price exclusive 21% VAT)

Coarse Jute /rol 50m Coarse Jute /rol 50m 94,95 EUR (Price exclusive 21% VAT)