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We Carry: ADM-Tronics, Aves Studio's, Britisch-Gypsum, US-Gypsum, Platre Lambert, Chavant, Cellona, FuseFX, Mark Alfrey, Monstermakers, Premiere Products, Principality Cosmesil, Reel Creations, Smooth-On, Varaform, WM-Creations and many others.

Brands Alphabetical

  • ADM Tronics (Pros-Aide)

    acrylic water-based adhesive for bonding prosthetics to the skin and to create lasting colors.

  • Alcone

    Silicone Sculpting Material

  • Aves Studio

    leading in self-hardening epoxie putties, synthetic clays and maches of quality and performance.

  • Bdellium

    Makeup Brushes

  • BlueBirdFX

    Makeup palettes and products

  • Cellona

    plaster bandage products

  • Chavant

    since 1892 the finest name in modeling clay!

  • FormX

    our own brand of resins, rubbers, foams and FX goodies!

  • FuseFX

    silicone paints, pigments and kits - by Guy LouisXVI

  • Herbin

    Plasteline Clays

  • Laguna

    Clay and Plaster

  • MEL Products

    form Alan Apone's Make-up Effects Lab.

  • Monster Makers

    an extensive range of high quality foam-latex, Monster Clay, accesories and additives

  • Mouldlife

    on-skin silicones, pigments and medical adhesives

  • Neill

    "Neill's philoosophy: the very best quality products at the best possible prices. I’ve cherry picked the materials and products I use the most in my work, as I know they’re good quality products that deliver great results, and have brought them together in one place."

  • Prince August

    Metal casting products

  • De IJssel

    Epoxy adhesives & resin, polyester resin & putties, Double Coat.

  • P.T.M.

    on-skin silicones, pigments and medical adhesives

  • Premiere Products

    Skin Illustrator, glazing gels, Telesis & Super Solve

  • PS Composites

    Special Effects materials such as the ProGel 10 and Go Cast silicones

  • Reel Creations

    get reel with Reel Creation Palettes for skin and hair!

  • Rob Smith FX

    Specialty Theatrical Bloods

  • SAM (Silicone Art Materials)

    great silicone pigments, paints and additives for both tin and platinum silicone.

  • Sculpey

    Sculpey Polymer Clays

  • Smooth-On

    offers a variety of mold making supplies, urethane and silicone rubber, urethane and epoxy casting resins

  • Sugru

    Moldable Adhesive

  • Tenttoi

    Sculpture stands

  • US Gypsum

    Plaster and Gypsum materials

  • Vallejo

    Vallejo Paints

  • Varaform

    Thermoplastics sheets

  • WM Creations

    Stacolour palettes, Old age stipple & Spirit gum.

  • Worbla

    on-skin silicones, pigments and medical adhesives

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