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Plastiline, wax, clay , polymer clay

Modeling Materials

Modeling materials for sculpting, prototyping, stage design, product design, special-effects, animations or claymation, doll making, model building etc.

FormX offers a wide range of modeling materials from Chavant, Monster Makers, Sculpey polymer clay, Monster Clay, Castilene, wax, water based clay and many thermoplastics

Modeling Products

  • Aves Studio

    leading in self-hardening epoxie putties and synthetic clays and maches of quality and performance.

  • Plaxtin Plastilines

    models like clay, works like wax. A oil-based clay developed as a bridge between wax and clay.

  • Chavant Castilene

    models like clay, works like wax. A lightweight wax-based clay developed as a bridge between wax and clay.

  • Chavant Plastilines

    are non hardening wax and/or oil based clays. Excellent for detailed work.

  • MonsterClay

    premium grade, sulfur free and re-useable clay. Oil/wax based, composed of non-toxic components.

  • Herbin Plastiline

    premium grade, sulfur free and re-useable clay. Oil/wax based, composed of non-toxic components.

  • Free Form Epoxy Dough

    two component clay-like putties suitable for fine detail using tools or shaping by hand.

  • Friendly Form Thermoplastic Pelets

    easy to soften and shape into any desired form. Clear and transparant.

  • Varaform thermoplastic

    pliable and sticky when warm. Natural mesh cotton sheets impregnated with a thermoplastic resin.

  • Thibra thermoplastic

    a supplier of unique materials for cosplay and theatre. Quality and reasonable price.

  • Worbla thermoplastic

    has taken the costume and crafting world by storm. From Mythbusters to the San Diego Comic Con.

  • EVA Foam

    one of the most important materials for cosplayers. Strong and flexible, used for replicating metals and armors.

  • Sculpture Block

    extremely light and hard foam blocks. For sculpturing with lasting results. Easy to tool and process.

  • WED Clay / Ceramic Clay

    clays specifically formulated to be very smooth and slow drying to model and sculpt.

  • Wax

    with different consistensies for modeling, and pouring. Beeswax, parrafinwax microwax etc

  • Sculpey Polymer clays

    oven baked polymer clays and tools for your crafting needs.


Let us help you find your way.

The list below may help you find what you are looking for via an alternative path.

  • Accessories

    you might also need; sealers, release agents, tools and more...

  • Brushable Plastics & Coatings

    that can be brushed of sculpted styrene or polyurethane foam.

  • Casting

    a wide range of flexible and rigid casting materials.

  • Clear Products

    waterclear, translucent or transparant rubbers and plastics for casting and molding.

  • Composites

    Resins and reinforcement for lay-up applicatins. Poyester, epoxy, acrylic resin, glass fibres etc.

  • Epoxy Modelling

    Self hardening two component epoxy putties work like clay but get stone-hard without firing.

  • Foam

    liquid flexible and rigid foams, Rigid Foam Blocks, of many types and quantities.

  • Lifecasting

    everything you need for lifecasting aplications: alginate's, silicones and plaster bandages.

  • Metal / Stone / Wood Fillers

    materials for cold castings; both plastics and metal powders.

  • Molding

    a range of flexible and rigid moulding materials for moulding all sorts of objects.

  • Performance Resins

    can be used for a variety of projects, but mainly used for industrial (design) applications.

  • Prototyping

    resins and other materials used for rapid prototyping.

  • Restoration

    materials for restoring in- and exterior ornaments and buildings.

  • Semi Rigids

    urethane casting resins cure quickly to semi-rigid plastics with excellent impact resistance.

  • Support Shells

    these materials are used for mother molds and support shells.

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