Ray Gun

Ray Gun, Alella Spain, fabricates imaginary weapery and space craft out of Smooth-Cast 300 series resins

Ray Gun

The company "Raygun" from Alella in Spain produces fantasy-arms building kits. The preferred product to cast theese models is the Smooth-Cast 300 series because these resins are easy to work with and give an excellent reproduction of detail. Mold are made of Mold Star 15 that give an excellent and dimensionally stable reproduction with each cast. The cast parts are finally painted to give the impressive looks of the finished piece. Kits and finished pieces are sold all over the world.

Mr. Marcos of Raygun states:

" If you've always dreamed of planets or going to fantastic worlds, but you dared not - for fear of something happening to you - or that you could not find the right vehicle, do not worry anymore. Now here is RAYGUN.es, who will provide all the parts needed to make the most lethal "RAYGUN" or the best vehicle or spacecraft for your journey."

You can contact Raygun at: mailto:info@raygun.es
or via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/www.Raygun.es?ref=hl

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