Finishing & Fillers

Finishing & Fillers

reinforcement materials, patina's, metal powders, texture molds.

fillers & patina's

Aerosil a light weight filler and thickening agent can be added to a variety of rubbers and resins for a thixotropic effect

Metal Powders are used, as an additive to various resins and acrylcast to give castings a metallic appearance.

Patina's for adding a patina (color) and aging of metal alloys.

Paverpol Resin is an acrylic resin for the impregnation of fabrics

Pigment Powders mineral pigments for plaster and cement, available in many colours

Quarry Tone Fillers Quarry Tone filles can be added to (clear) resins to yield a stone like finish

Urefil Fillers are powders added to resins. Some are used to save costs, others for specific effects or improved properties.

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