Metal / Stone / Wood Fillers

Metal / Stone / Wood Fillers

All fillers, patina's and suitable products

All Fillers and patina's

Metal Powders are used, as an additive to various resins and acrylcast to give castings a metallic appearance.

Quarry Tone Fillers Quarry Tone filles can be added to (clear) resins to yield a stone like finish

Urefil Fillers are powders added to resins. Some are used to save costs, others for specific effects or improved properties.

Patina's for adding a patina (color) and aging of metal alloys.

Suited products to combine with

Smooth-Cast 325 series neutral color resins, ideal for pigmenting or create marble, wood-grain, bronze and other effects.

Smooth-Cast Onyx deep black, solid plastic with shore 80D. Offers higher physical properties and heat resistance.

Gypsum & Plaster a wide range of qualities and quantities in Bags and buckets.

AcrylCast a mineral and polymer based AcrylCast molding and casting system is strong and economical.

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