Support Shells

Support Shells

These materials are used for mother molds and support shells

Support Shells products

AcrylCast a mineral and polymer based AcrylCast molding and casting system is strong and economical.

Epoxy Putties doughs are suitable for industrial and art-related applications. A unique low-odor, low shrinkage putty.

Gypsum & Plaster a wide range of qualities and quantities in Bags and buckets.

Plaster Bandage are used in lifecasting to make a mother mold over an Alginate or Silicone mold.

Plasti Paste fiber-filled resin for vertical surfaces. For mother molds, support shells and laminating.

Polyester Glass Fibre reinforcement material to build thin, strong layers, fiberglass matts, multi-axial, chopped fibers, etc

Reinforcement for Gypsum & Cement used with plaster, concrete or other materials to increase the tensile strength.

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