Special Effects - On-Set

Special Effects On-Set; Make-Up pallets, Liquids, Adhesives, Solvents, Blood-Slime & Dirt, On Skin Silicones and brushes... Everything you need to do Make-Up Effects On-Set.

SFX Make-Up

Make-up a variety of make-up materials. Skin Illustrator pallets, liquids, glazes etc. blood, slime, dirt and more.

Adhesives & Solvents SFX Prosthetic Adhesives & Solvents

Blood, Slime & Dirt Blood & Dirt

On Skin Silicones SFX Components, Kits & More

Make-up Other more materials and tools to help you realise your ideas

Skin Illustrator (Premiere Products) make-up pallets, liquids, glazing gels, telesis & super solve, and much more.

Sealers for on skin and over prosthetics. Matting spray, sealers and more

Bdellium Brushes are designed by a group of talented makeup brush experts from California. Truly handmade products.