Silicone Paints & Pigments

Silicone paints are applied on a silicone piece after this has been created. There are special silicone paints in a variety of colors. You can also create your own paint with a silicone paint base combined with the silicone pigments of your choice.

Siilicone Pigments

FFX S-series FISC (Functional Intrinsic Skin Colors) are the fundamental basis of all human skin tones.

Flock fibers Flock are colored fibres that can be used to achieve certain skin like irregularities in the finishing of a silicone piece.

Glow Worm Pigments added to liquid plastics, rubbers and foams for a glow in the dark effect after being charged with light.

Ignite Tints these fuoricent colors that can be used in both silicones as well as polyurethane products.

SAM (Silicone Art Materials) excellent to pigment and paint silicone surfaces - both tin and platinum.

Silcpig pigments are Smooth-On's strong and densely pigmented colorants for silicones. Just a few drops will do.

Siltone pigments FormX's own brand of colorants for platinum silicones.

Third Degree pigments silicone pigments allow you to pre-color your 3rd Degree Allows a more quick and exact painting.

Silicone Paints

Psycho Paint is a translucent clear platinum silicone paint base used for color pigmenting or to make a membrane layer.

FFX kits convenient kits so you have a broad selection of colors for diffrent uses.

FFX LY-series layering colors to give your silicone skins more depth.

FFX M-series "Medical" series of paints for creating ultra-realistic skintones.

FFX F-series silicone paints developed for special effects; has a higher pigment content than the M series.

SAM (Silicone Art Materials) excellent to pigment and paint silicone surfaces - both tin and platinum.

User Tip

Platinum Silicone paints have a natural glossy finish, so if you need to matt down the surface, WS Matting Powder is the way to go.
FuseFX WS-Series Matting Powder is a unique blend of water base matting agents designed to eliminate the shine off of silicone painted surfaces, giving it a flat matt finish with little to no sheen.
When used with M/F-110 Clear, the WS Matting Powder creates a little to no sheen surface.
WS Matting Powder residue washes off clean with a little soap and warm water, dries clean and does not leave a "blue" tint to the surface unlike Cabosil.
Contains NO Amorphous Silca or Cabosil.

Silicone paint

Silicone paints are pigments that are dispersed in a special silicone medium and that can be applied with brush or airbrush on a silicone object. For a good and convincing result they are often applied in layers (layering technique). It is advisable to pre-pigment the receiving piece with a base tone (before casting) as to enhance the effect of the applied layers of paint. Often additional effects are achieved by adding fibres (Form-Flock) and fillers.

Psycho Paint

Psycho Paint® is a versatile and easy to use platinum silicone paint base developed to help special effects and
prosthetic artisans, doll makers, etc. easily create painted-on color effects for their platinum silicone creations.
It is a two component translucent clear platinum-cure silicone that is used to make a base for color
pigmenting. Once the desired color is attained, Psycho Paint® is thinned with a solvent. Thin layers of paint
can be then be applied to a model’s surface (made of Dragon Skin®, Ecoflex® or other platinum silicone) using
an airbrush. It can also be applied by brushing.
Colored Psycho Paint® will bond to the model’s surface and offers good abrasion resistance. It is very strong
and will stretch and bend with the model without cracking or peeling. Need to temporarily adhere your
silicone mask, prosthetic device or other creation to your skin? Ask your Smooth-On distributor about
“Slacker” Tactile Mutator and “Skin-Tite®” adhesion promoter.

Fuse FX F-Series

The F-Series Silicone paints have been developed with the Special-FX Artists, Silicone Sculptors and Doll Artisans in mind. They contain a higher concentration of pigments for faster coverage, which is excellent for airbrush work.
With a wide range of colors, the F-Series will make painting realistic skin tones and special-FX props more attainable for the novices and more convenient for the pros.