Modeling Tools

A wide variety of modelling tools to work wth clat, wax, plaster, sculpture block etc.

Modeling Tools

Clay & Plaster Cutting Tools to cut, scrape, drill etc clay and plaster.

Spatula/Loop tools Assorted spatulas/loop tools combined into one tool.

Wire Tools are available in two forms to satisfy all your needs

Spatulas are available in palm wood (hardwood) or exotic wood (superior), allow you to shape, smooth and paste all your work.

Turn tables Formx offers two types of turn tables to allow you to heighten and turn your modeling pieces during their processing.

Potter's Ribs allow you to smooth, straighten or to plane a piece made on a potter's turn table.

Texture Tools Assortment of tools to engrave, decorate and texture clay.

Chisels and Gouges Assorted sharp chisels, ideal for sculpting such a polyurethane foam block.

Rasps Assortment of fine rasps for wood and other sculpting materials.