Products by application

such as Lifecasting, Sculpting, Molding, Casting, Mak-eup, Stunts, Dentalwork, Study and Kits.

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Lifecasting alginate's, silicones and plaster bandages.

Molding a range of flexible and rigid moulding materails.

Casting a wide range of flexible and rigid casting materials.

Clear Products rubbers and plastics with an waterclear, translucent or transparant apperance for casting and molding.

Foam liquid flexible and rigid foams, Rigid Foam Blocks, of many types and quantities.

Restoration materials for restoring in- and exterior ornaments and buildings.

Metal / Stone / Wood Fillers materials for cold castings; both plastics and metal powders.

Brushable Plastics & Coatings that can be brushed of sculpted styrene or polyurethane foam.

Composites made from two or more constituents with different physical or chemical properties for added qualities.

Epoxy Modelling two component epoxy putties for modelling.

Performance Resins can be used for a variety of projects, but mainly used for industrial (design) applications.

Semi Rigids urethane casting resins cure quickly to semi-rigid plastics with excellent impact resistance.

Accessories you might also need; sealers, release agents, tools and more...

Support Shells these materials are used for mother molds and support shells.

Prototyping resins and other materials used for rapid prototyping.