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SO-FLEX® is a softening agent that will lower the cured durometer of a variety of Smooth-On flexible polyurethane products. The charts below indicate the effect SO-FLEX® has on fully cured (7 days) PMC®-121/50 and PMC®-744 when added as a percentage of the total mix. SO-FLEX® can also be added to Vytaflex® 10 to create a urethane ‘gel’ type material.

Use SO-FLEX® by weight: For best results, you should use an accurate scale to properly use SO-FLEX® with PMC®-121/50, PMC®-744, Vytaflex® or any other flexible Smooth-On polyurethane product. SO-FLEX® should be weighed and thoroughly mixed (at least one minute) with the appropriate amount of Part B before combining with Part A.

SO-Flex PU-flexibilizer

Technical bulletin So-Flex

So-Flex products

  • SO-Flex /500ml

    SO-Flex PU-flexibilizer -1pint 454 grams

    20,20 EUR (Price exclusive 21% VAT)

  • SO-Flex , 1-Gallon versoepelaar = 3,7 liter

    SO-Flex PU-flexibilizer - 1 gallon = 3,7 ltr.

    94,40 EUR (Price exclusive 21% VAT)

  • SO-FLEX 5 Gallon unit versoepelaar = 18 liter

    SO-Flex PU-flexibilizer - 5-gallon = 18 ltr.

    405,70 EUR (Price exclusive 21% VAT)


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