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The ultimate solvent free materials for all decorative, artistic and mould making applications.

These products are the ultimate chameleon materials of the building industry - it can be used to replicate the appearance and texture of any surface finish in any number of colours. The combination of natural raw materials with a special blend of water based pure acrylic polymers create a unique family of materials that have a number of product benefits that make Jesmonite superior to other building materials.

  • Stronger - Strong, flexible and more durable, making it high impact resistant.
  • Lighter - Lighter than stone, glass-reinforced concrete, sand and cement products – perfect for film sets.
  • Safer - Independently fire rated in accordance with European Fire Classification EN 13501-1. Solvent free with no VOC’s.
  • Finer - Replicates the very finest detail.
  • Greener - Water-based not solvent-based, making it kinder to the environment.
  • More Choice - Can be pigmented to any colour or RAL reference. It can also mimic any texture and reproduce the effect of materials such as stone, metal, wood, leather and fabric.


  • AC100


    Jesmonite AC100 is a water-based composite material used to make decorative moulded objects. It is safe to use and contains no solvents or VOC's. It can be cast and laminated using the unique Quadaxial Glass. more

  • AC730


    Jesmonite AC730 is a rapid setting acrylic modified cementitious composite. The system is primarily designed for glass reinforced, lightweight, hand laminated decorative applications, but it can also be used for small decorative castings. more

  • Flex Metal Gel Coats

    Flex Metal Gel Coats

    Jesmonite Flex Metal Gel Coats are the latest development in Jesmonite materials. They are formulated using real metal powder to create the ultimate replication of metal in moulded materials. more

  • Jesmonite Pigments

    Jesmonite Pigments

    Jesmonite pigments are aqueous dispersions that are compatible with Jesmonite composites more

  • Additives & Reinforcements

    Additives & Reinforcements

    Retarders that change the setting times of Jesmonite composites. more

  • Ancillary Products

    Ancillary Products

    anything else you need to successfully work with Jesmonite, from mixing blades to Mould Relese Wax, Plasticiser, Sealers and etching agent. more

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Jesmonite Sampler Box

  • Sample Box - AC730 Stone Finishes

    39,39 EUR (incl. 21% USt. zzgl. Versand)

  • Sample Boxes - Flex Metals

    47,26 EUR (incl. 21% USt. zzgl. Versand)

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