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Life Casting Materials

Life Casting Materials

We offer several materials for lifecasting aplications: We have a wide selection of "prosthetic grade" alginate - which can be used with warm water and still have a slow setting time - and also Body double silicone lifecasting material which produces permanent molds of living subjects

Body Molding

Body Double Silicone

  • Standard Set /0,91 kg

    Shore A 25 | Cure Time: 20 min

    50,89 EUR

  • Standard Set /8,16 kg

    Shore A 25 | Cure Time: 20 min

    368,90 EUR

  • Fast Set /0,91 kg

    Shore A 25 | Cure Time: 7 min

    50,89 EUR

  • Fast Set /8,16 kg

    Shore A 25 | Cure Time: 7 min

    368,90 EUR

  • "Silk" Set /0,77kg

    Shore A 25 | Cure Time: 20 min

    47,24 EUR

  • "Silk" Set / 6,35 kg

    Shore A 25 | Cure Time: 20 min

    315,06 EUR

  • Release Cream /100gr

    Aid in releasing Body Double™ mold

    14,91 EUR

  • Release Cream /30gr

    Aid in releasing Body Double™ mold

    5,05 EUR

  • Static Mixing Tubes

    Body Double™

    37,15 EUR

  • Standard Set Cartridge /400 ml

    Shore A 25 | Cure Time: 20 min

    40,73 EUR

  • Fast Set Cartridge /400ml

    Shore A 25 | Cure Time: 7 min

    40,73 EUR

  • Hyper-Folic™ / 410 gr

    Release cured rubber from hair-covered skin surfaces

    29,74 EUR

  • Alja-Safe™


    Safe to use Alja-Safe is the world"s first alginate that does not contain crystalline silica (a known carcinogen). Alja-Safe is perfect for making single-use molds of the face, hands and other bo... more

  • Alja-Safe™ Acrobat™

    Alja-Safe™ Acrobat™

    Alja-Safe Acrobat is a fiber reinforced "non-sag" version of original Alja-Safe life casting alginate. Alja-Safe Acrobat is thicker and holds vertical surfaces allowing the user better control... more

  • Alja Safe Liquid Breeze

    Alja Safe Liquid Breeze

    No powder - no dust! Alja-Safe Breeze (Patent Pending) is a new liquid alginate which blends easily with water, creating a unique, skin safe moldmaking material. Alja-Safe Breeze is perfect for m... more

  • CA37 Regular

    CA37 Regular

    CA 37 Alginate for dental impressions with good tear and deformation resistance, firm consistency more

  • Cavex Clevercast

    Cavex Clevercast

    We have developed this high-quality product especially for making small and large 'lifecast' prints. The alginate is available in two variants: Normal Set (± 3 min.) And Slow Set (± 7 min.). more

  • Accu-Cast™ LiquiStone™

    Accu-Cast™ LiquiStone™

    Accu-Cast LiquiStone is an easy to use gypsum cement that can be cast into Accu-Cast alginate molds for reproducing human body parts for lifecasting. LiquiStone has a convenient mix ratio of 2 ... more

  • Accu-Cast™ Kits

    Accu-Cast™ Kits

    If you've wanted to learn about this fascinating art form, Accu-Cast kits are designed to quickly introduce you to the process. Accu-Cast offers a full range of kits from Baby Hand Casting to Full ... more

  • Accu-Cast™ BabyGel™

    Accu-Cast™ BabyGel™

    Color changing alginate is amazing. It mixes up bright pink and fades to white before it sets. Its like having an internal stop watch right in the product. This formula was designed for hand castin... more

  • Accu-Cast™ FaceGel™

    Accu-Cast™ FaceGel™

    Specifically designed for doing face molds, FaceGel is also ideal for heads and other medium sized Layup Molds- where alginate is placed onto a vertical surface. FaceGel (590) has an extra thickene... more

  • Accu-Cast™ BodyGel™

    Accu-Cast™ BodyGel™

    Big projects like torsos and heads require more working time. Between having to mix more and apply more- working time is at a premium. BodyGel (880) gives you plenty of time even for the largest pr... more

  • Accu-Cast™ 370-SD™

    Accu-Cast™ 370-SD™

    Our friends in the Orthotics & Prosthetics industry asked us for a formula that would make one of their tough jobs easier. more

  • Accu-Cast™ HandGel™

    Accu-Cast™ HandGel™

    HandGel is our "go to" alginate for larger bucket molds like Adult Hand Casting, Family Hand Casting and Foot Casting. more

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Plaster Bandage

by Cellona

  • 6cmx2m /1 roll

    Cellona Plaster Bandage

    1,45 EUR

  • 10cmx2m /1 roll

    Cellona Plaster Bandage

    2,06 EUR

  • 15cmx2m /1 roll

    Cellona Plaster Bandage

    2,95 EUR

  • 8cmx4m /5 rolls

    Cellona Plaster Bandage

    13,76 EUR

  • 10cmx4m /5 rolls

    Cellona Plaster Bandage

    16,73 EUR

  • 12cmx4m /5 rolls

    Cellona Plaster Bandage

    20,10 EUR

  • 15cmx4m /5 rolls

    Cellona Plaster Bandage

    23,53 EUR

  • 20cmx4m /5 rolls

    Cellona Plaster Bandage

    31,02 EUR

  • 4ply - 10cm/20meter

    Cellona Plaster bandage

    73,35 EUR


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