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A sealant is a substance used to block the passage of fluids through the surface or joints or openings in materials, a type of mechanical seal. Sealants may be weak or strong, flexible or rigid, permanent or temporary.

Sonite Wax

Sonite Wax

  • Sonite Wax /100gr

    universal release agent wax

    8,60 EUR

  • Sonite Wax /0,8 kg

    universal release agent wax

    22,53 EUR

  • Sonite Wax /3 kg

    Sonite Wax universal release agent wax /3 kg

    86,96 EUR

  • Sonite Wax /15,88 kg

    Sonite Wax universal release agent wax /15,88 kg

    288,60 EUR

One Step

One Step™ Products

  • One Step™

    360 gr

    24,45 EUR

  • One Step™

    2,86 kg

    134,35 EUR

  • One Step™

    18 kg

    351,08 EUR

Super Seal


  • SuperSeal™ /500 ml

    SuperSeal™ /500 ml

    21,96 EUR

  • SuperSeal™ Kit

    SuperSeal™ Kit

    12,43 EUR

  • SuperSeal™ /3,7 lt

    SuperSeal™ /3,7 lt

    61,90 EUR


U-10 / U12 Mold Solution

  • U-10 Soap Solution /1ltr

    U-10 Soap Solution, to seal plaster models before applying mold rubber. Bottle 1 liter

    34,84 EUR

  • U12 Mold Rinse and Release /3,6 kg

    U-12 Mold Rinse & Release is an economical "non-soap" based concentrate that is diluted with water and applied to the surface of a rubber mold prior to casting gypsum plasters. Properly mixed and ...

    104,54 EUR

Kwikee Sprayer

Kwikee™ Sprayer


Sealing Agents For Use On Porous Models

Sonite® Wax
is a soft paste wax used to seal porous surfaces and will aid in releasing urethane mold rubber from a variety of model surfaces, plastics from plastics and other industrial applications.

One Step®
Release Agent And Sealer seals and releases porous originals in one step.

SuperSeal® was developed as an economical, fast-drying sealing agent for a variety of surfaces including modeling clays, gypsum plasters, concrete and wood.

U-10 Soap Solution, to seal plaster models before applying mold rubber.

And the Kwikee® Sprayer, an economical alternative to aerosols for dispensing release agents and sealing agents.


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