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FormCast Burro

FormCast Burro

The Formcast Burro liquid plastic is an ultra low viscosity resin with a cream color and is good for making bubble free castings. Vacuum degassing is not necessary. The resins can be mixed with various fillers and dyes. Cured castings are strong, durable and will resist moisture and mild solvents. They can be sanded, drilled, sawed and - after degreasing - painted. Typical uses include prototypes, models, sculptures, decorative articles, etc.

- high impact strength
- short demoulding time
- low viscosity
- suitable for rotocasting
- economic

- mixing ratio 100 A - 100 B
- viscosity 40 mPas
- cream color
- working time approx. 3 minutes
- demold time 10 minutes
- shore hardness 70 D
- e-Module 1175 MPa
- impact resistance 50 kj / m2

  • FormCast Burro
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FormCast Burro

  • FormCast Burro 1kg set

    Economy PU casting resin.

    15,52 EUR (Price exclusive 21% VAT)

  • FormCast Burro 5kg set

    Economy PU casting resin.

    52,97 EUR (Price exclusive 21% VAT)

  • FormCast Burro 10kg set

    Economy PU casting resin

    97,37 EUR (Price exclusive 21% VAT)

  • FormCast Burro 20kg set

    Economy PU casting resin

    181,90 EUR (Price exclusive 21% VAT)

How to use

Stir the individual components well before use. Weigh or measure both parts accurately and assemble in a clean and dry container and mix for 30 to 60 seconds. For the mixing cup, best use PP or PE plastic cups. Avoid contact with moisture as this will cause foam formation of the resin. When using Urefil filler, add these to the individual components and stir untill both have the same viscosity. Then let both of these components effortlessly blend together.


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