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This is a thermoplastic material without a mesh. Thibra allows you to create extreme forms (more than Tex), without being limited by any fabric or netting. It is very smooth, so sanding this material is not needed. This saves you a lot of time compared to other materials.

Thibra can be directly (spray)painted and is very suitable for making round shapes. The leftovers can easily be used again.

- Processable at around 60 to 80 °C
- Mallable for a couple of minutes
- Reheating is no problem

Thibra Products


  • Thibra 1/1 - 110 x 136cm

    Whole plate 110 x 138 cm

    47,80 EUR (incl. 21% USt. zzgl. Versand)

  • Thibra 1/2 - 110 x 68cm

    One-Half plate 110 x 68 cm

    26,02 EUR (incl. 21% USt. zzgl. Versand)

  • Thibra 1/4 - 55 x 68 cm

    One-Quarter plate 55 x 68 cm

    12,71 EUR (incl. 21% USt. zzgl. Versand)

  • Thibra 1/8 - 55 x 34 cm

    One-Eighth plate 55 x 34 cm

    7,56 EUR (incl. 21% USt. zzgl. Versand)

  • Thibra 1/16 - 27,5 x 34 cm

    One-Sixteenth plate 27 x 34 cm

    4,36 EUR (incl. 21% USt. zzgl. Versand)

Thibra Info

About Thibra

Thibra is a supplier of unique materials for cosplay, l.a.r.p. and theatre, their materials are distinguished by the combination of premium quality and reasonable price.

Thibracast has all the advantages of existing materials, making it easy to use. Moreover, scraps can be re-used. The activation temperature is somewhat lower, the material remains pliable longer and there is less risk on ruptures. Because of a friendly pricing policy and the excellent applicability, Thibra makes it possible for many more cosplayers to throw themselves wholeheartedly into their passion.

Under the motto: 'Create your Fantasy' we would like to acquaint you with our materials. You will be amazed by what you are capable to with Thibracast.


Please note that for shipment of large volume products such as Thermoplastic sheets, EVA foams and Large sculpting forms, VOLUME will be calculated rather than WEIGHT.
When ordering these products we will quote you separately for shipping AFTER you have placed your order with us. Thank you for your understanding.


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