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Mouth FX

Mouth FX

Mouth FX is a temporary oral coloration system designed to safely and effectively color the inside of the mouth.

Mouth FX contains a sweet vanilla-mint flavor that is made entirely of FDA food grade ingredients and each color is vegan, gluten-free, peanut-free, sugar-free and cruelty-free. Mouth FX comes in 10 different colors - available individually or together in one kit (Includes carrying case and carabiner clip).

Mouth FX is created by Dan Gilbert and Necessary Evil FX.

Mouth FX-Temporary Mouth Dye/Color

individual colors

Mouth Effects

  • Yuck Yellow /15ml

    Yuck Yellow /1/2oz

    13,29 EUR

  • Down Brown /15ml

    Down Brown /1/2oz

    13,37 EUR

  • Feeling Blue /15ml

    Feeling Blue /1/2oz

    12,83 EUR

  • Violent Violet /15ml

    Violent Violet /1/2oz

    12,83 EUR

  • Blood Red /15ml

    Blood Red /1/2 oz

    13,36 EUR

  • Pitch Black /15ml

    Pitch Black /1/2oz

    12,83 EUR

  • Turning Yellow /15ml

    Turning Yellow /1/2oz

    13,29 EUR

  • Rust Orange /15ml

    Rust Orange /1/2oz

    12,83 EUR

  • Mean Green /15ml

    Mean Green /1/2oz

    13,29 EUR

  • Sludge Black /15ml

    Sludge Black /1/2oz

    13,37 EUR



  • Intense Blue /15ml

    Intense Blue /1/2oz

    13,37 EUR

  • Intense Green /15ml

    Intense Green /1/2oz

    13,37 EUR

  • Intense Purple /15ml

    Intense Purple /1/2oz

    12,83 EUR

  • Intense Pink /15ml

    Intense Purple /1/2oz

    13,37 EUR

  • Intense Yellow /15ml

    MouthFX /1/2oz

    12,83 EUR


Mouth FX kits

  • Kit 1

    MouthFX -5 colors

    53,48 EUR

  • Kit 2

    MouthFX - 5 colors

    55,26 EUR


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