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FormGel - SIlicone sculpting gel

FormGel is FormX's own brand of skin-safe and super easy to use silicone sculpting gel.
FormGel is a two-component gel that - when mixed - can be used to build up all kinds of spectecular efffects such as gashes, burns and bullet-holes. It's like wax for the 21st century!

FormGel Products

Form Gel Products

  • FormGel light /60gr

    FormGel light /60 gr

    20,51 EUR

  • FormGel light /100gr

    FormGel light /120 gr

    32,61 EUR

  • FormGel light /1kg

    FormGel light /1kg

    217,38 EUR

  • FormGel Clear /50gr

    FormGel Clear /50 gr

    20,51 EUR

  • FormGel Clear /100gr

    FormGel Clear /100 gr

    32,61 EUR

FormGel Tutorial

FormGel Tutorial


You might also need...

  • Mixing Beakers
  • Measuring Cups & Jars
  • Weighting devices
  • Brushes
  • Protective Gear such as gloves
  • Release agents

Grime Palettes

Skin Illustrator

  • Fleshtone Dark Palette

    The third addition to the Skin Illustrator color system is the Dark Flesh Tone palette. Designed as the follow-up to the original Flesh Tone palette, the Dark colors complete the entire range of fl...

    106,48 EUR

  • Fleshtone Palette

    The colors available in the FLESH TONE PALETTE range from the palest of pink tones to the deepest rich yellow tones. The system contains skin tone colors with warming/cooling adjusters that are ide...

    106,48 EUR

  • FX Palette

    Designed for just about any injury or illness imaginable, the Skin Illustrator FX palette can simulate 1st, 2nd & 3rd. degree burns, cuts, scrapes, scabs, and bruises. The FX Palette seamlessly int...

    106,48 EUR

  • Complexion Palette

    The Complexion Palette is the fifth addition to the Skin Illustrator line. The palette was created to give artists a wider range of red tones and adjusting colors which allow the fine tuning of an ap ...

    110,76 EUR

  • Alchemy Palette

    SKIN ILLUSTRATOR ALCHEMY PALETTE is the fourth addition to the Skin Illustrator line. A first in a series of specialty colors, this palette of bright metallic colors was designed to simulate preci...

    144,47 EUR

  • Grunge Palette

    Skin Illustrator Grunge Palette - This collection of colors is designed to simulate a variety of dirt, grime, and filth effects, and can be used to recreate the look of almost any dirty or soiled ...

    106,48 EUR

  • Mardi Gras Palette

    This unique collection of colorful pigments was designed for creating clowns, mimes, tattoos, and the psychedelic 60's and 70's. The bright exotic colors are perfect for carnival and festival body ...

    106,48 EUR

  • NecroMania Palette

    SKIN ILLUSTRATOR will cover tattoos, create effects, color hair, and it can be used on foam latex, gelatin, plastic, and silicone appliances. Activate with 99% alcohol. The NecroMania palette is g...

    110,76 EUR

  • Horishi Palette

    The Skin Illustrator Horishi palette is created to make any kind of tattoo; form vintage sailors tattoo's to trendy tribals and anything in between. Designed specifically to create traditional Jap...

    144,47 EUR

  • Pirate Dirt Palette

    The Dirt Palette is a two-cell collection of Midnight Brown and Black started on Joel Harlow"s Pirates 4. The large cells create an incredibly fast and effective method to dirty up an actor or char...

    148,76 EUR

Reel Creations


  • Stacolor Fullcolor Palette

    Includes 22 colors. Alcohol based make-up for use on silicone, gelatin and (foam) latex prosthetics. Full colour pallete has all the skin tones and some FX colour ...

    94,99 EUR

  • Stacolor Character Palette

    Includes 22 colors. Alcohol based make-up for use on silicone, gelatin and (foam) latex prosthetics.

    94,99 EUR


FormGel - Easy Silicone for proffesional results!

Instructions to use:
- Keep both components sperate and tightly closed when not in use.
- Use a clean spatula of mixing stick to scoop out an equal amount of each component to a mixing palette
- Mix the components untill a homogenous mass.
- Add to clean, oil-free skin and sculpt your design (you have 3-4 minutes for this)
- powder or add a matting spray - such as HD Matting Spray- to mattify the construction.
- Color with alcohol based make-up such as Skin Illustrator Palettes or Stacolor Palettes

Step by Step


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