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FormX Academy

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Over the years, customers have been asking us for technical training.
We can now answer this demand in our new FormX Academy. Different professional artists, model makers and designers will introduce you into their specific field of expertise. We will organize introduction courses for the novice as well as advanced courses fot the professional. Because our main activity will remain the distribution of design materials we can offer these trainings with a low financial threshold at near cost price.

We will expand our offering as time goes by.

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FormX Academy Courses

  • Basic Moldmaking and Casting - 1 day:

    In this workshop you'll be introduced to the magic of molding and casting materials; it's a hands-on workshop in which you'll be getting a demonstration and then will get your hands dirty trying th...

    99,00 EUR (incl. 21% USt. zzgl. Versand)

  • Making Designer Toys - 1 day: 16/12/22

    In this workshop we make a Designer Toy or figurine from the design to the final product. We start with a design and then realize it in clay. then we make a silicone mold of this. in this mold we w...

    99,00 EUR (incl. 21% USt. zzgl. Versand)

FormX Academy General Information

Here are some key points about our workshops:

Lunch / Break moments

The Workshops at the FormX Academy are divided into 4 blocks with a break after every 2 hours. The first is a 15 minute coffee/tea break, then a 30 minute lunch break, and the last is another 15 minute coffee/tea break.

NB.: Due to the current corona rules, we do NOT supply lunch - please bring your own. Coffee and tea are provided and can be consumed throughout the day.

Amount of Participants
In order to give the participants maximum attention, we set a maximum number of students per workshop. In this way we also comply with current Corona regulations.


We supply the needed molds or models for the workshop on which the taught action(s) can be performed. Everyone goes through the same complexity of learning process. Of course, specific questions can also be asked during and after the workshop for solving challenges in your own projects.

Corona Measures at the FormX Academy

At the workshop we will observe the following Corona rules, based on our industry protocol, the guidelines of the RIVM and the central government.

⦁ Participants must show a valid QR code before entering our facility.
⦁ Always keep 1,5 meters away from the other participants and teacher(s) during the entire duration of the workshop.
⦁ Each participant has their own work location and their own set of tools
⦁ No shaking hands or other physical contact
⦁ Wash your hands often with soap or use hand sanitizer.
⦁ Make sure you are present at the specified address no more than 5 minutes before the start of the workshop.

Do you have any health issues?

The health of our participants, teacher trainers and location employees is central. It is therefore imperative that when you have a workshop and any of the statements below apply to you, you stay at home and contact us:

⦁ You cough, have a cold or your temperature is higher than or equal to 38 degrees Celsius.
⦁ You have been asked to go into isolation.
⦁ In your household someone is coughing, someone has a cold or the temperature is higher than or equal to 38 degrees Celsius or has been asked to go into isolation.

The FormX Academy Team

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