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Paverpol Textile Hardener

Paverpol is a unique textile hardener. It offers you endless possibilities to shape your creativity. With Paverpol you can make images, for indoor or outdoor and also abstract objects, wall decorations, vases and bowls, animals, jewelry and masks.

Paverpol has the American AP quality mark. This means that it is 100% safe for people, animals and the environment. It is made exclusively on water basis. Paverpol adheres to all natural materials. You can use everything, such as wool, cotton, wood, leather, paper, silk, self-hardening clay, styrofoam, dried flowers, wood, plaster and earthenware. It makes these materials through and through hard. After use you can easily wash your hands and tools with warm water.



Working with Paverpol

The textile hardener par excellence. Immerse natural materials such as textiles in the Paverpol. Drape, or wrap around a wire figure and let it dry. Paverpol dries quickly. After curing you have a beautiful decoration or image, suitable for indoor and outdoor. You can also combine paper, silk, undyed leather, self-hardening clay, polystyrene (styrofoam), dried flowers, wood, plaster, earthenware etc. with Paverpol.
Paverpol adheres to almost all materials except plastic.
Unique properties: becomes hard without additives. Let outer objects harden through and through before they can be painted and placed outside. Unpainted outside workpieces that have been treated exclusively with Paverpol must be varnished. This is to prevent white smashing at high humidity. Paverpol is easy to wash off with hands with warm water. Natural materials soaked in Paverpol are fire-retardant.


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