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Brow-, Hair-, Tattoo palettes

SI Brow - Hair - Tattoo

  • Brow Palette

    Skin Illustrator "Brow Palette" For forming brows with alcohol-based make-up for a lasting effect. includes the colours: Dark Brün, Din, Rotten Stone, Prairie Dust and Sand

    45,98 EUR

  • Warm Blonde Palette

    Skin Illustrator Warm Blond Palette AT LAST!!!!!!!! Skin Illustrator Debut's their Hair Palettes, Every Make up Artist dream out there has come true!This Palette includes: Light Yellow Blond, Golde...

    147,73 EUR

  • Hair Aging Palette

    Age any colour of hair easily. From a few years to a few decades with the Hair Aging Palette. Includes the colours: Silver, Ivory, White, Yellow, Silver, Green

    147,73 EUR

  • Skin Illustrator Scalp Palette

    Scin Illustrator Scalp Palette to color the scalp in the colour of the actor's hair and thus remove the efect of baldness.

    147,73 EUR

  • Bloody Five Palette

    Bloody Five Palette; Prime Red, Blood Tone, Aged Blood, Black and Rose Adjuster

    47,82 EUR

  • Tattoo Classics

    Recreate any genre of tattoo using the classic aged black and green colors of the past with Skin Illustrator's new Tattoo Classics. From the old, faded, hand-made style to modern recreations of t...

    41,71 EUR


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