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Skin Illustrator Palettes

Skin Illustrator Palettes

These make-ups are alcohol activated and create perfect colouration for skin and silicone, foam latex and gelatin prosthetics.

Skin Illustrator Palettes

  • Standard Palettes

    Standard Palettes

    Fleshtone Dark, Fleshtone, FX, Complexion, Alchemy, Grunge, Mardi Gras, Necromania, Horishi, Pirate Dirt Palettes more

  • Special palettes

    Special palettes

    12 Years a Slave, 100 Year Old, American Horror Story, Blood and Sand, Character Contours and many others... more

  • On-Set-, Starter palettes

    On-Set-, Starter palettes

    Alchemy, American Horror Story, Artful Splodger, Bloody, Character Contour, Complexion and many others... more

  • Brow-, Hair-, Tattoo palettes

    Brow-, Hair-, Tattoo palettes

    Brow Palette, Warm Blonde Palette, Hair Aging Palette, Scalp Palette, Bloody Five Platte, Tattoo Classics more

  • Mini palettes

    Mini palettes

    Light Tone 5, Deep Tone 5, Adjusters 2, Adjusters 1, Tan Tone 5 more

  • FormX palettes

    FormX palettes

    FormX Basics, FormX Detailer, FormX Trauma more

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Cannom Grease Palettes

  • Cannom Grease Paint

    Cannom Grease Paint

    or Rubber Mask Grease Paint is a specially formulated for painting latex and foam latex; it does not deteriorate latex-based products as "regular" grease paints do. more

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We give quantum discounts on the following Skin Illustrator On Set palettes

- Starter Palette
- On Set Flesh Tone Palette
- On Set FX Palette
- On-Set Grunge Palette
- On-Set Complexion Palette
- On Set Dark Skin Palette
- On-Set Necromania
- On-Set Artful Splodger Duo Palette

- 3 pcs -5%- 10pcs -9%
- 20pcs -12% / only OS FX and OS Fleshtone palette
- 50pcs -15% / only OS FX and OS Fleshtone palette


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