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Mardi Gras Liquids 60ml

Mardi Gras Palette

This unique collection of colorful pigments was designed for creating clowns, mimes, tattoos, and the psychedelic 60's and 70's. The bright exotic colors are perfect for carnival and festival body and face painting. The Mardi Gras Palette can be used with any other Skin Illustrator palette to create your own new colors and shades.

SI Mardi Gras Liquids 60 ml

  • Blue Bayou /60ml

    Blue Bayou /2oz

    34,78 EUR

  • Bourbon St Amber /60ml

    Bourbon St Amber /2oz

    34,78 EUR

  • Cajun Red /60ml

    Cajun Red /2oz

    36,13 EUR

  • Electric Orange /60ml

    Electric Orange /2oz

    36,36 EUR

  • Emeril'd Green /60ml

    Emeril'd Green /2oz

    34,78 EUR

  • French QTR Fuchsia /60ml

    French QTR Fuchsia /2oz

    36,36 EUR

  • Jester Yellow /60 ml

    Jester Yellow /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Lime Daiquiri /60ml

    Lime Daiquiri /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Mint Julep /60ml

    Mint Julep /2oz

    34,78 EUR

  • Purple Justice /60ml

    Purple Justice /2oz

    34,78 EUR


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