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Necromania liquid Concentrate 60ml

Necromania liquid Concentrate 60ml

PPI Skin Illustrator Concentrate - concentrates to refill your palette. Give the bottle a long and mighty shake, pour into the cell that needs refilling, stir and leave overnight ideally, for the alcohol to evaporate. Concentrates are not to be confused with the skin illustrator LIQUID INKS which are a thinner consistency and made to be sprayed through an airbrush.

Necromania liquid Concentrate 60ml

  • Bone /60ml

    Bone /2oz

    72,27 EUR

  • Darth Moss /60ml

    Darth Moss /2oz

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  • Dead Flesh /60ml

    Dead Flesh /2oz

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  • Fronkinsten /60ml

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  • Ghastly /60ml

    Ghastly /2oz

    69,58 EUR

  • Grey Matter /60ml

    Grey Matter /2oz

    72,27 EUR

  • Lividity /60ml

    Lividity /2oz

    72,27 EUR

  • On Ice /60ml

    On Ice /2oz

    72,27 EUR

  • Vile Bile /60ml

    Vile Bile /2oz

    72,27 EUR

  • Yellow Corpse /60ml

    Yellow Corpse /2oz

    72,27 EUR


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