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Primers, Pigments, Paints and Laquers

Fillers & Finishing

flock, fillers etc. to color silicones, PU-resins, Pu-rubbers etc.

Quarry Tone™,Psycho Paint™,coldpatine,Coppernitrate,Flex Gloss, Gloss Metal Varnish,Double Coat Double UV etc

Filers & Finishing

  • Concrete Glazes

    Concrete Glazes

    Glazes are a water based coloring treatment for use on cured concrete. They achieve the desired appearance with nano sized pigment particles that penetrate deeply into the concrete surface. The car... more

  • Real Metal Powders

    Real Metal Powders

    Metal powders are used, as an additive to various resins and acrylcast to make castings with a metallic appearance, the so-called "cold-cast metal". "Cold-Casting" is a term used to describe the p... more

  • Faux Metal Powders

    Faux Metal Powders

    Faux Metal powders are used, as an additive to various resins and acrylcast to make castings with a metallic appearance. These pigments can be mixed with resin to make a gelcoat that gives the fir... more

  • Quarry Tone™ Fillers

    Quarry Tone™ Fillers

    Quarry Tone fillers can be added to (clear) resins to yield a stone like finish. Specially blended powders that can be added to some Smooth Cast liquid plastics or liquid rubbers to create real... more

  • Patina's


    They are often used by artists as surface embellishments either for color, texture, or both. Patination composition varies with the reacted elements and these will determine the color of the patina... more

  • Silicone Paint Base

    Silicone Paint Base

    Psycho Paint is a versatile and easy to use platinum silicone paint base developed to help special effects and prosthetic artisans, doll makers, etc. easily create painted-on color effects for th... more

  • Latex and latex foam coating

    Latex and latex foam coating

    High solids gloss coating which creates a shiny surface. Forms a tenacious, highly flexible bond while sealing and waterproofing the mask. Has a 600% elongation. Used primarily to simulate wet areas o ... more

  • Bond FX Coating and Primer

    Bond FX Coating and Primer

    - for painting, surface preparation, encapsulating gel filled appliances or for reparing seams in silicone. Bond FX is a unique two part Platinum silicone coating that can be brushed or sprayed ove Ti ... more

  • Vallejo Primers and Laquer

    Vallejo Primers and Laquer

    Discover our selection, of primer, and laquer , to start and finish your project in the best condition. With proper use, the Vallejo Primer will leave a very thin layer of the undercoat on your pr... more

  • Double Coat Laquer

    Double Coat Laquer

    Two component high filling polyurethane varnish. Gloss. Easy application by brush or roller. High scratch resistance. Excellent gloss retention, non-yellowing. Suitable for all wood and white finis... more

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