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SFX On-Set

Special Effects - On-Set

Special Effects On-Set; Make-Up pallets, Liquids, Adhesives, Solvents, Blood-Slime & Dirt, On Skin Silicones and brushes... Everything you need to do Make-Up Effects On-Set.

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  • Blood, Slime, Dirt & FX

    Blood, Slime, Dirt & FX

    theatrical blood, dirt, slime, Fleet Street Blood & Dirt Works, Rob Smith Blood more

  • Break Away Glass

    Break Away Glass

    urethane liquid plastic designed to shatter/crumble on impact "breakaway glass" more

  • Cosmetic Adhesives

    Cosmetic Adhesives

    prosthetic, cosmetic adhesives & solvents, Telesis, ProTac, Parian Spirit more

  • On Skin Silicones

    On Skin Silicones

    safely applied directly on-skin for aging effects, wounds, etc. more

  • Removers & Solvents

    Removers & Solvents

    for removing prosthetic glues and make-up from skin & solvents like isopropyle alcohol. more

  • Sealers


    barriers for on-skin and over prosthetics, matting & fixing spray, sealers and more more

  • Skin Illustrator (Premiere Products)

    Skin Illustrator (Premiere Products)

    make-up pallets, liquids, glazing gels, telesis & super solve, and much more. more

  • Tattooed Now!

    Tattooed Now!

    We are the only realistic temporary tattoo brand on the market! Other brands merely offer ... more

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  • ADM Tronics (Pros-Aide)

    ADM Tronics (Pros-Aide)

    acrylic water-based adhesive for bonding prosthetics to the skin and to create lasting col ... more

  • Alcone


    Silicone Sculpting Material more

  • Bdellium


    Makeup Brushes more

  • Bluebird FX

    Bluebird FX

    BBFX - the fastest growing secret in the industry! From years of on-set development comes ... more

  • FuseFX


    silicone paints, pigments and kits - by Guy LouisXVI more

  • Parian Spirit

    Parian Spirit

    Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner - Environmentally Friendly- Cleans, Conditions and Disin ... more

  • Premiere Products

    Premiere Products

    Skin Illustrator, glazing gels, Telesis & Super Solve more

  • Reel Creations

    Reel Creations

    get reel with Reel Creation Palettes for skin and hair! more

  • Rob Smith FX

    Rob Smith FX

    Specialty Theatrical Bloods more

  • SAM (Silicone Art Materials)

    great silicone pigments, paints and additives for both tin and platinum silicone. more

  • WM Creations

    WM Creations

    Stacolour palettes, Old age stipple & Spirit gum. more

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