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Dark Fleshtone 60ml

Skin Illustrator Dark Fleshtone Palette Liquids

The third addition to the Skin Illustrator color system is the Dark Flesh Tone palette. Designed as the follow-up to the original Flesh Tone palette, the Dark colors complete the entire range of flesh tones. When combined with the FX and light Flesh Tone colors, the Dark Flesh Tone colors will allow the artist to duplicate virtually any skin tone, no matter how light or dark.

SI Dark Liquids 60 ml

  • Bamboo 1 /60ml

    Bamboo 1 /2oz

    36,13 EUR

  • Bamboo 2 /60ml

    Bamboo 2 /2oz

    34,78 EUR

  • Burnt Sienna /60ml

    Burnt Sienna /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Chocolate /60ml

    Chocolate /2oz

    36,38 EUR

  • Coral Blue /60ml

    Coral Blue /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Espresso 1 /60ml

    Espresso 1 /2oz

    34,78 EUR

  • Espresso 2 /60ml

    Espresso 2 /2oz

    36,38 EUR

  • Golden Ochre /60ml

    Golden Ochre /2oz

    36,38 EUR

  • Midnight Brown /60ml

    Midnight Brown /2oz

    36,13 EUR

  • Red Oxide /60ml

    Red Oxide /2oz

    36,38 EUR

more on Dark Flesh Tone ...

The BAMBOO 1 and 2 colors are warmer yellow base tones than the LAO 1 and 2, offered in the original Flesh Tone palette. This significant difference gives the artist an even wider range of tone variation when blending colors. Other warm base tones include CHOCOLATE, ESPRESSO 1 and 2, and MIDNIGHT BROWN, the darkest of the base tones. BURNT SIENNA, GOLDEN OCHRE and RED OXIDE are all adjusting colors that alter the base tones in different ways, providing an endless array of color possibilities. By mixing MIDNIGHT BROWN with the BLACK tone from the FX Palette, the deepest ebony tones can be obtained, creating rich, natural colors that are not gray or ashy. When mixing MIDNIGHT BROWN with BAMBOO 1, you begin to create taupe colors, which are great for use as character shading colors. CORAL BLUE is a gentle wash-tone adjuster that will provide a cooling effect, different than the other blue tones found in the original Flesh Tone palette.

The Dark Flesh Tone colors are also great for defining hairlines and filling in scalp patches. The CORAL BLUE and BURNT SIENNA are also fabulous for covering up beard shadow.


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