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Skin Illustrator Liquid

Skin Illustrator Liquids

Skin Illustrator liquids are specially designed for airbrushing SKIN ILLUSTRATOR colors

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SI Tatoo liquid

SI Tatoo liquids

  • Aged Black /60 ml

    Aged Black /2oz

    34,73 EUR

SI Clear Gloss

SI Clear Gloss

  • Clear Gloss / 60ml

    Clear Gloss /2oz

  • Clear Gloss / 120ml

    Clear Gloss /4oz

SI Liquid Glow Worm

SI Liquid Glow Worm

  • SI Liquid Glow Worm /120ml

    SI Liquid Glow Worm /4oz

    72,77 EUR

  • SI Liquid Glow Worm /60ml

    SI Liquid Glow Worm /2oz

    44,94 EUR

FX Palette

Skin Illustrator FX Palette Liquids

Designed for just about any injury or illness imaginable, the Skin Illustrator FX Palette Liquids can simulate 1st, 2nd & 3rd. degree burns, cuts, scrapes, scabs, and bruises. The FX Palette seamlessly integrates with the FLESH TONE Palette to create varying degrees of injuries and illnesses. The pigment content is much higher than any other palette available so the colors go farther and last longer.

SI FX Liquids 60 ml

  • Aged Blood /60 ml

    Aged Blood /2oz

    36,38 EUR

  • Black /60 ml

    Black /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Blood Tone /60 ml

    Blood Tone /2oz

    36,38 EUR

  • Bruise Tone /60 ml

    Bruise Tone /2oz

    36,38 EUR

  • Burnt Orange /60 ml

    Burnt Orange /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Green /60 ml

    Green /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Prime Red /60 ml

    Prime Red /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Prime Yellow /60 ml

    Prime Yellow /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Ultra Blue /60 ml

    Ultra Blue /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • White /60 ml

    White /2oz

    36,38 EUR

SI FX Liquids 120 ml

  • Aged Blood /120ml

    Aged Blood /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Black /120ml

    Black /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Blood Tone /120ml

    Blood Tone /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Bruise Tone /120ml

    Bruise Tone /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Burnt Orange /120ml

    Burnt Orange /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Green /120ml

    Green /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Prime Red /120ml

    Prime Red /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Prime Yellow /120ml

    Prime Yellow /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Ultra Blue /120ml

    Ultra Blue /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • White /120 ml

    White /4oz

    62,07 EUR

SI FX Liquids240 ml

  • SI FX Liquids /240ml

    SI FX Liquids /240ml

    102,73 EUR

more on the FX palette

Tested on feature film productions by a team of award winning makeup artists, FX has already proven itself a valuable addition to anyone’s makeup kit.

BLOOD TONE was created specifically to aid the artist in the struggle of feature film continuity and syrup based bloods. It is a realistic natural blood color that can easily be altered to a deeper, more theatrical color blood with the addition of ULTRA BLUE. Conventional bloods will wear or flake away after your actor has left the chair, but with a stand alone application of BLOOD TONE plus a topical application of KY Jelly, your blood work will look good all day without rubbing off or staining the actors costume. When working with the BLOOD TONE, a thin application of KY provides a nice sheen, while a large dollop gives the appearance of dripping blood. The durability of the BLOOD TONE color allows you the freedom to place your blood in the morning, allow it to dry, and then instantly freshen it to camera-ready quality whenever your actor is actually called to set – even if it’s hours later.

BLOOD TONE also works exceptionally well as an abrasion resistant under color with syrup based bloods. If the conventional blood washes or wears away in a wet scene, the BLOOD TONE will still be there. Either way – you’re covered!
Mixing certain colors will not create similar tones, already present in the palette. Mixing the YELLOW and the BLUE will produce a different green than the GREEN that is in the palette. Use the BURNT ORANGE to provide a rust tone. The AGED BLOOD is a mid-ground aged blood which is not too blue or purple. By taking the AGED BLOOD and adding it to any other color in the palette, you will get a whole new range of color.

You must use Skin Illustrator Activator, Skin Illustrator Slow Activator, or 99% alcohol to activate the color pigment. Do Not use 70% alcohol, MEK, acetone, water or any other solvent.
Removal is easy with Telesis Super Solv orTelesis Makeup Remover.

Flesh Tone Palette Liquids

Skin Illustrator Fleshtone Liquids

The colors available in the Flesh Tone Palette system range from the palest of pink tones to the deepest rich yellow tones. The system contains skin tone colors with warming/cooling adjusters that are ideal for fine tuning a skin tone mix that's a perfect match, or for creating a subtle bruising for close camera work.

SI Flesh Liquids 60 ml

  • Cedar Brown /60 ml

    Cedar Brown /2oz

    36,38 EUR

  • Coral Adjuster /60 ml

    Coral Adjuster /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Lao 1 /60 ml

    Lao 1 /2oz

    34,78 EUR

  • Lao 2 /60 ml

    Lao 2 /2oz

    36,38 EUR

  • Natural 1 /60 ml

    Natural 1 /2oz

    36,38 EUR

  • Natural 2 /60 ml

    Natural 2 /2oz

    36,38 EUR

  • Olive Adjuster /60 ml

    Olive Adjuster /2oz

    36,38 EUR

  • Rice Paper /60 ml

    Rice Paper /2oz

    36,38 EUR

  • Rose Adjuster /60 ml

    Rose Adjuster /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Vein Tone /60 ml

    Vein Tone /2oz

    36,38 EUR

SI Flesh Liquids 120 ml

  • Cedar Brown /120ml

    Cedar Brown /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Coral Adjuster /120ml

    Coral Adjuster /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Lao 1 /120ml

    Lao 1 /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Lao 2 /120ml

    Lao 2 /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Natural 1 /120ml

    Natural 1 /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Natural 2 /120ml

    Natural 2 /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Olive Adjuster /120ml

    Olive Adjuster /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Rice Paper /120ml

    Rice Paper /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Rose Adjuster /120ml

    Rose Adjuster /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Vein Tone /120ml

    Vein Tone /4oz

    62,07 EUR

more on Flesh Tone...

RICE PAPER, the staple of the palette, can be used as a white color to lighten a particular mix, or on its own to match the skin. You can use NATURAL 1 & 2 as the basis for most Caucasian tones. These colors already lean to the yellow side of a natural tone so you can decide how much warmth or coolness to add. If you need to warm the NATURALS, add a little CORAL ADJUSTER or ROSE ADJUSTER II. If you need to cool the tone, add a little OLIVE ADJUSTER I (liquids only) or VEIN TONE to achieve a beige color. LAO 1 & 2 will be the basis for your yellow undertoned subjects. Start with these colors and you can lighten the tone with a RICE PAPER mix. To make your color more beige, add VEIN TONE. To make your color more olive, add OLIVE ADJUSTER II, and if you want to add a touch of golden quality, use the CORAL ADJUSTER. CEDAR BROWN (a new color) is a warm yellow based brown that can add a tan to your actor or darken the 5 basic flesh tones, All of the color adjusters have been formulated to intermix with the flesh tones.

The Skin Illustrator Liquid Colors can be used with any airbrush.

Dark Flesh Tone Palette Liquids

Skin Illustrator Dark Fleshtone Palette Liquids

The third addition to the Skin Illustrator color system is the Dark Flesh Tone palette. Designed as the follow-up to the original Flesh Tone palette, the Dark colors complete the entire range of flesh tones. When combined with the FX and light Flesh Tone colors, the Dark Flesh Tone colors will allow the artist to duplicate virtually any skin tone, no matter how light or dark.

SI Dark Liquids 60 ml

  • Bamboo 1 /60 ml

    Bamboo 1 /2oz

    36,38 EUR

  • Bamboo 2 /60 ml

    Bamboo 2 /2oz

    34,78 EUR

  • Burnt Sienna /60 ml

    Burnt Sienna /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Chocolate /60 ml

    Chocolate /2oz

    36,38 EUR

  • Coral Blue /60ml

    Coral Blue /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Espresso 1 /60 ml

    Espresso 1 /2oz

    34,78 EUR

  • Espresso 2 /60 ml

    Espresso 2 /2oz

    36,38 EUR

  • Golden Ochre /60 ml

    Golden Ochre /2oz

    36,38 EUR

  • Midnight Brown /60 ml

    Midnight Brown /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Red Oxide /60ml

    Red Oxide /2oz

    36,38 EUR

SI Dark Liquids 120 ml

  • Bamboo1 /120ml

    Bamboo1 /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Bamboo2 /120ml

    Bamboo2 /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Burnt Sienna /120ml

    Burnt Sienna /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Chocolate /120ml

    Chocolate /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Coral Blue /120ml

    Coral Blue /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Golden Ochre /120ml

    Golden Ochre /4oz

    62,07 EUR

more on Dark Flesh Tone ...

The BAMBOO 1 and 2 colors are warmer yellow base tones than the LAO 1 and 2, offered in the original Flesh Tone palette. This significant difference gives the artist an even wider range of tone variation when blending colors. Other warm base tones include CHOCOLATE, ESPRESSO 1 and 2, and MIDNIGHT BROWN, the darkest of the base tones. BURNT SIENNA, GOLDEN OCHRE and RED OXIDE are all adjusting colors that alter the base tones in different ways, providing an endless array of color possibilities. By mixing MIDNIGHT BROWN with the BLACK tone from the FX Palette, the deepest ebony tones can be obtained, creating rich, natural colors that are not gray or ashy. When mixing MIDNIGHT BROWN with BAMBOO 1, you begin to create taupe colors, which are great for use as character shading colors. CORAL BLUE is a gentle wash-tone adjuster that will provide a cooling effect, different than the other blue tones found in the original Flesh Tone palette.

The Dark Flesh Tone colors are also great for defining hairlines and filling in scalp patches. The CORAL BLUE and BURNT SIENNA are also fabulous for covering up beard shadow.

SI Tatoo liquids

  • Aged Black /120ml

    Aged Black /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Aged Black /60 ml

    Aged Black /2oz

    34,73 EUR

Complexion Palette Liquids

Skin Illustrator Complexion Palette Liquids

The Complexion Palette is the fifth addition to the Skin Illustrator line. The palette was created to give artists a wider range of red tones and adjusting colors which allow the fine tuning of an appliance makeup or to help blend the appliance with the natural skin tones.

SI Complexion Liquids 60 ml

  • Capilary /60ml

    Capilary /2oz

    36,38 EUR

  • Cool Tone /60ml

    Cool Tone /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Dark Mauve /60 ml

    Dark Mauve /2oz

    36,38 EUR

  • DT Blush /60ml

    DT Blush /2oz

    36,38 EUR

  • Dusty Rose /60ml

    Dusty Rose /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Light Mauve /60 ml

    Light Mauve /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Light Sienna /60ml

    Light Sienna /2oz

    34,78 EUR

  • Pastel Yellow /60ml

    Pastel Yellow /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • RedRum /60 ml

    RedRum /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Warm Ochre /60ml

    Warm Ochre /2oz

    34,78 EUR

more on complexion ....

The blue based reds can be used as-is, mixed together, intermixed with all Skin Illustrator colors or with other brand colors and palettes. They can also be adjusted into warmer ranges by using the Light Sienna and Warm Ochre adjusters. Pastel Yellow is a highlighter as well as a lightening tone. RedRum is a blood-like tone with less orange than the FX Palette's Blood Tone color. This allows the artist to put a blood-like flush in the face and body that can be colored to a variety of complexions. Cool Tone (fomerly Olive Adjuster) as well as bright tone favorites like DT Blush, round out a collection of colors that will make matching blush tones a breeze. The Complexion Palette is an excellent way to fine tune your makeups - a definite must for your makeup case! These colors are ideal for beauty, character and special effects make-up.

Grunge Palette Liquids

Skin Illustrator Grunge Palette Liquids

This collection of colors is designed to simulate a variety of dirt, grime, and filth effects, and can be used to recreate the look of almost any dirty or soiled visage. THE GRUNGE palette unites Skin Illustrator colors that have been used separately for years. The colors have been created in collaboration with top artisans in the industry, and have been refined on various actors for the camera.

SI Grunge Liquids 60 ml

  • Dark Brün /60 ml

    Dark Brün /2oz

    36,38 EUR

  • Din /60 ml

    Din /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Grass Stains /60ml

    Grass Stains /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Muddy Waters /60 ml

    Muddy Waters /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Powder (sumo) /60 ml

    Powder (sumo) /2oz

    34,78 EUR

  • Prarie Dust /60ml

    Prarie Dust /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Rotten Stone /60 ml

    Rotten Stone /2oz

    36,38 EUR

  • Sand /60ml

    Sand /2oz

    34,78 EUR

  • Sedona /60 ml

    Sedona /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Soot (Sumo) /60 ml

    Soot (Sumo) /2oz

    36,38 EUR

SI Grunge Liquids 120 ml

  • Muddy Waters /120ml

    Muddy Waters /4oz

    62,07 EUR

SI Grunge Liquids 240 ml

  • Muddy Waters /240ml

    Muddy Waters /8oz

    106,48 EUR

more on grunge ....

Two of the colors, Soot and Powder, have been introduced with the tag "fumo," meaning, "smoke." They are designed to have a serendipitous smoke quality that can be built up into overlapping patterns. Laying down layers of Soot followed by streaks of Black from the "FX" palette will introduce layering effects that add more depth than using either color alone.

Our DIRTWORKS POWDERS and DIRTWORKS GRIME SPRAYS are a coordinated system that are matched to the Skin Illustrator GRUNGE PALETTE.


Mardi Gras Palette Liquids

Mardi Gras Palette

This unique collection of colorful pigments was designed for creating clowns, mimes, tattoos, and the psychedelic 60's and 70's. The bright exotic colors are perfect for carnival and festival body and face painting. The Mardi Gras Palette can be used with any other Skin Illustrator palette to create your own new colors and shades.

SI Mardi Gras Liquids 60 ml

  • Blue Bayou /60ml

    Blue Bayou /2oz

    34,78 EUR

  • Borbon St Amber /60ml

    Borbon St Amber /2oz

    34,78 EUR

  • Cajun Red /60ml

    Cajun Red /2oz

    34,78 EUR

  • Electric Orange /60ml

    Electric Orange /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Emeril'd Green /60ml

    Emeril'd Green /2oz

    34,78 EUR

  • French QTR Fuchsia / 60ml

    French QTR Fuchsia /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Jester Yellow /60 ml

    Jester Yellow /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Lime Daiquiri /60 ml

    Lime Daiquiri /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Mint Julep /60ml

    Mint Julep /2oz

    34,78 EUR

  • Purple Justice /60ml

    Purple Justice /2oz

    34,78 EUR

SI Mardi Gras Liquids 120 ml

  • Blue Bayou (MG) /120ml

    Blue Bayou (MG) /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Borbon St Amber (MG) /120ml

    Borbon St Amber (MG) /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Cajun Red (MG) /120ml

    Cajun Red (MG) /4oz

    64,75 EUR

  • Electric Orange (MG) /120ml

    Electric Orange (MG) /4oz

    64,75 EUR

  • Emeril'd Green (MG) /120ml

    Emeril'd Green (MG) /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • French QTR Fuchsia (MG) /120ml

    French QTR Fuchsia (MG) /4oz

    64,75 EUR

  • Jester Yellow /120ml

    Jester Yellow /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Lime Daiquiri (MG) /120ml

    Lime Daiquiri (MG) /4oz

    64,75 EUR

  • Mint Julep (MG) /120ml

    Mint Julep (MG) /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Purple Justice (MG) /120ml

    Purple Justice (MG) /4oz

    64,75 EUR

Necromania Palette Liquids

Necromania Palette Liquids

The Skin Illustrator Necromania Palette Liquids are great for all things dead, Morgue dead, frozen dead, decaying dead, undead and almost dead. With the Necromania Palette, there's no dead end to the different stages you can create of the post-mortem persona.

SI Necromania Liquid 60 ml

  • Bone /60ml

    Bone /2oz

    34,78 EUR

  • Darth Moss /60ml

    Darth Moss /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Dead Flesh /60ml

    Dead Flesh /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Fronkinsten /60 ml

    Fronkinsten /2oz

    36,38 EUR

  • Ghastly /60ml

    Ghastly /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Grey Matter /60 ml

    Grey Matter /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Lividity /60 ml

    Lividity /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • On Ice /60ml

    On Ice /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • VIle Bile /60ml

    Vile Bile /2oz

    34,73 EUR

  • Yellow Corpse /60ml

    Yellow Corpse /2oz

    34,73 EUR

Alchemy Palette Liquids

Alchemy Palette Liquids

Skin Illustrator Alchemy Palette is the fourth addition to the Skin Illustrator product line. A first in a series of specialty colors, this palette of bright metallic colors was designed to simulate precious liquid metals. The colors are safe for use on the lips, skin, hair and around the eyes. The colors can be used with PAX, rubber mask grease, foam latex, gelatin, plastic and silicone appliances. The ALCHEMY PALETTE and liquids are ideal for beauty, fantasy and special effects make-up. All the Skin Illustrator Alchemy colors are also available in liquids for airbrushing.

SI Alchemy Liquid 60 ml

  • Chromed Fuschia /60ml

    Chromed Fuschia /2oz

    44,94 EUR

  • Cobalt /60ml

    Cobalt /2oz

    44,94 EUR

  • Copper /60ml

    Copper /2oz

    44,94 EUR

  • Gold Bullion /60ml

    Gold Bullion /2oz

    44,94 EUR

  • Iridium Green /60ml

    Iridium Green /2oz

    44,94 EUR

  • Iron Red /60ml

    Iron Red /2oz

    44,94 EUR

  • Mayan Gold /60ml

    Mayan Gold /2oz

    44,94 EUR

  • Platinum /60ml

    Platinum /2oz

    44,94 EUR

  • Sterling /60ml

    Sterling /2oz

    44,94 EUR

  • Talos Bronze /60ml

    Talos Bronze /2oz

    44,94 EUR

SI Alchemy Liquid 120 ml

  • Chromed Fuchsia (ALCM) /120ml

    Chromed Fuchsia (ALCM) /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Cobalt Blue /120ml

    Cobalt Blue /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Iridium Green (MG) /120ml

    Iridium Green (MG) /4oz

    74,91 EUR

  • Iron red (Alcmy) /120ml

    Iron red (Alcmy) /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Mayan Gold (Alcmy) /120ml

    Mayan Gold (Alcmy) /4oz

    62,07 EUR

  • Platinum (MG) /120ml

    Platinum (MG) /4oz

    74,91 EUR

Mekash Palette Liquids

Mekash Liquids 60 ml

SI Liquids Alphabetical

SI Liquids Alphabetical

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