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Costumer Projects

FormX operates between the the industrial, the arts, the sciences, science ficion and special effects. We sell substances, who‘s very idea is that of transformation. These products are polyvalent, just like those people using them. We are interested in your projects, distributing knowledge and sharing ideas, so feel free to send us your projects and see what others have realized.

Space 10 Copenhagen

The project "The Classical through The Digital" is a permanent architectural installation by Benas Burdulis, Jesse Yang, and Emil Froege. SPACE10 is a future-living lab located in the heart of Copenhagen. To enable a better, more meaningful and sustainable life.

Made with: molds star, Website:

DDT Effectos Especiales

DDT is an Oscar winning team of make-up effects artists that is based in Barcelona, Spain. After running tests with some "state of the art" competative products, DDT desided that the Ecoflex-0030 from Smooth-On had exactly those properties that they were looking for.

Materials used: Monster Clay; EcoFlex 0030, Website:


GECCO TRIDIMENSIONALS is a workshop that combines the best materials and techniques to build any size volumetric elements with scientifically-based, realistic finishes.Thez created this Neanderthal sculpture for the Archaeological Museum of Oviedo.


Henk Visser

Artist and moldmaker Henk Visser from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Made a copy from a tree using FormX's Brush-On 35 in combination with Plasti-Paste as a support shell. He then used Concrete to cast a life size replica from the tree.



Dear Customer

One effect of the pandemic is a worldwide shortage of raw materials. As a result some products may be temporarily unavailable or scarce and prices are skyrocketing. We are on your side and try to minimize those negative effects where we can.
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FormX Academy

  • FormX Academy

    Our new FormX Academy gives you the opportunity to learn from professionals. Artists, model makers and designers will teach you beginners-, intermediary- and advanced skills. Klick on the link for our programm..

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