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EPTone Pigments

EPtone is FormX's own epoxy and polyurethane pigments; It will color epoxy resins, polyurethane resins, polyurethane rubber and polyurethan foams. Available in 7 colours in 30 ml. bottle with conivient dropper.

EP-tone pigments

  • EPtone Black

    RAL 9017 /30ml

    10,29 EUR (incl. 21% VAT plus Versand)

  • EPtone White 30ml

    RAL 9010 /30ml

    10,29 EUR (incl. 21% VAT plus Versand)

  • EPtone Red

    RAL 3002 /30ml

    10,29 EUR (incl. 21% VAT plus Versand)

  • EPtone Blue

    RAL 5002 /30ml

    10,29 EUR (incl. 21% VAT plus Versand)

  • EPtone Yellow

    RAL 1004 /30ml

    10,29 EUR (incl. 21% VAT plus Versand)

  • EPtone Green

    RAL 6016 /30ml

    10,29 EUR (incl. 21% VAT plus Versand)

  • EPtone Oyster White

    RAL 1013 /30ml

    10,29 EUR (incl. 21% VAT plus Versand)



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